kwibon.com - Privacy statement
kwibon.com Travel (hereafter referred to as " we " ) values customers like you and recognize that privacy is very important to you. This privacy statement will explain how we collect, use and disclose data when you use our platform and related services, and tell you how to contact us.

Types of personal information we collect
When you use our platform, App or related tools / services, we may collect the following types of personal information from you as needed:
  • Name, email address, phone number, and home, company, and billing address.
  • Government-issued ID documents required for itinerary reservation or identity verification, such as passports, driver’s licenses, and government’s identity correction identification number. For holiday accommodation owners, a tax identification number is required.
  • Payment information, such as payment card number, expiration date, and billing address.
  • Travel-related preferences and requirements, such as preferred destination and type of accommodation, special diet and barrier-free facilities requirements (if available).
  • Membership program and membership information.
  • Date of birth and gender.
  • Geographic location.
  • Pictures, videos and other records
  • Social media accounts and other publicly available information.
  • The content of the communication with us (such as the recording of the phone call with the customer service representative for quality assurance and training purposes).
  • Searches, transactions and other interactions you perform in our online services and apps.
  • Other communications between partners and passengers through platforms, group chats and passenger cooperation tools.
  • Searches and transactions performed through the platform.
  • Information you provide to us about other people, such as your travel companion or the person for whom you book an itinerary.
  • We receive information about you from other hotel partner companies and third parties (such as our business partners, alliance partners, and authorized service providers). Such information may include updated contact information, demographic information, your Interests and purchase history, we may add them to your account or profile and use them for market research and analysis.
When you install any of our apps or use our platform, we will automatically collect the following types of information from your device:
  • IP address
  • Equipment type
  • Unique device identification code
  • Web browser type (such as Firefox , Safari , Chrome and Internet Explorer )
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • operating system
  • Mobile service operator
  • The way your device interacts with our online services, including web pages visited, links clicked, itineraries viewed, functions used, and related dates and times
  • Details of any referring website or exit page, and general geographic location (e.g. country / region or city level)
  • Our Cookie Statement further explains how we use cookies and similar tracking technologies.
Use of personal information
We use your personal information for the various purposes described below, depending on the website you visit or the App you use .
Your use of online websites, apps and services is as follows:
  • Book the required itinerary or enable holiday accommodation reservations
  • Provide services related to reservations and / or accounts
  • Create, maintain and update user accounts and verify user identity on our platform
  • Maintain your search and travel history, accommodation and travel preferences and similar information related to your use of hotel partner platforms and services, as well as other information described in this privacy statement
  • Open and further accept the processing of payments, coupons and other transactions
  • Manage membership and reward programs
  • Collect and support booking-related reviews
  • Provide various functions to help you use our services faster and easier, such as the function of logging in with your account in the online services and websites of some hotel partner companies
Communication and marketing:
  • Answer your questions, information requests and processing information choices
  • Support communication between you and travel service providers (such as hotel and holiday accommodation owners)
  • For marketing purposes or other purposes described in this privacy statement, to contact you (such as via SMS, email, telephone, surface mail, push notification or other communication platform messages) in order to provide information such as itinerary booking confirmation and updates
  • Promote our products and services, improve such marketing to make it more relevant to you, and evaluate and analyze the effects of our marketing and promotions
  • Manage contests, sweepstakes, and promotions like prize quizzes
  • Other business purposes and compliance
  • For surveys, market research and data analysis
  • Maintain, improve, research and evaluate the effectiveness of our website and apps , activities, tools and services
  • Monitor or record phone calls, chats and other communications between you and our customer service team and other representatives, as well as between partners and travelers / partners and partners due to quality control, training, dispute resolution, and in this privacy statement Platform communication for the reasons described
  • Create aggregated data or anonymized / de-identified data, we can use and disclose such data without restriction when permitted
  • Improve security, verify the identity of our customers, prevent and investigate fraud and unauthorized activities, deny claims and other liabilities, and manage other risks
  • Comply with applicable laws, protect the rights and interests of us and our users, defend ourselves, and respond to requests from law enforcement agencies, other legal agencies, and legal procedures
  • Comply with applicable security and anti-terrorism, anti-bribery, customs and immigration laws and other such due diligence laws and requirements
  • Operate business within the scope permitted by law for legitimate business purposes
Lawful processing basis
We will only collect your personal information under the following circumstances: (i) Personal information is required to perform a contract with you (for example, to manage your reservation, process payment or create an account at your request), (ii) To handle personal information The information complies with our legitimate rights and interests and will not be blocked by your rights (described below), or (iii) you have agreed to us to do so (for example, to send you marketing communications if your consent is required) . In some cases, we have a legal obligation to collect your personal information. For example, we must use your transaction records to fulfill our financial and tax obligations under the law.
If we ask you to provide personal information in order to comply with legal requirements or perform a contract with you, we will clearly state this at an appropriate time and inform you whether you must provide personal information (and if you do not provide personal information, there may be as a result of).
Some countries and regions allow us to process personal information on the basis of legitimate interests. We collect and use your personal information for our own legitimate interests (or the legitimate interests of any third party), usually for the following purposes: operating or improving our platform and communicating with you when necessary to provide you with services, When you contact us for security verification, answer your questions, conduct marketing or use it to detect or prevent potentially illegal activities.
In some cases, such as when evaluating fraudulent transactions or suspicious activity on our website, we may use automated decision-making. As part of this processing, your personal information may be put into the system for automatic decision making, and the decision will be calculated through an automatic process. If you pose a risk of fraud, it may affect your ability to make reservations on our website. You may have rights related to automated decision-making, including the ability to request the use of a manual decision-making process or to challenge decisions made entirely based on automated processing. If you want to learn more about their data protection rights, please refer to the following for your rights and options section.
Sharing of personal information
Where permitted by applicable laws, we will share your personal information in the manner described below and in this privacy statement.
A company of hotel partners . We will share your personal information within the companies of our hotel partners . The hotel partner companies will share, access and use your personal information in the manner described in this privacy statement.
  • Party service providers. We will share personal information with third parties who deliver services to you and operate our business, for example, provide credit card processing, customer service, business analysis, fraud prevention and compliance services, and deliver customized advertisements to you based on your interests. These third-party service providers must protect the personal information we share with them, and they must not use any directly identifiable personal information except to provide services that we contract with them. They may not use the personal information we share for their own direct marketing purposes (unless you individually agree to such use under the terms provided by the third party).
  • Service provider. We will share personal information with travel-related providers, such as hotels, airlines, car rental companies, insurance companies, vacation rental accommodation owners and managers, and event providers that fulfill your reservations and rail / cruise companies (if any). Please note that if it is necessary to facilitate your booking or provide additional travel or related services, the travel service provider may contact you for additional information.
  • Partners and offers. If we cooperate with third-party business partners to promote plans or provide products / services, we will share your personal information with them to help promote or provide related products / services. In most cases, the plan or offer will include the name of the third-party business partner (alone or together with our name), otherwise you will be redirected to the partner's website after receiving the notice. An example of this type of business partnership is a third-party membership program, where you can earn points for the program by completing a reservation on our platform.
  • Other third parties. If you access certain features, you will share information with third parties such as social media companies, such as your access to our services or interaction with us. In the European Economic Area (EEA) , Switzerland and the United Kingdom, unless you accept our use of cookies and similar technologies, we will not load social media sharing or login buttons on our website. For more information, please refer to our Cookie Statement . Third-party providers may combine this information with other information they hold about you. The personal information shared (including any personal information that we can access through third-party providers) will be subject to the privacy policies of the third-party providers. The third-party provider should tell you how to modify your privacy settings on their website.
  • Rights and obligations. We may disclose your personal information in the following situations: implementing our policies; applicable laws allow us (or we sincerely believe it is necessary) to disclose (such as responding to requests from law enforcement or government agencies, related to actual or proposed litigation); Or to protect and defend our property, personnel, and other rights or interests. We will also share your personal information in accordance with subpoenas or other legal requirements or when required to exempt certain taxes during payment processing (as required by law or legal procedures).
  • Corporate transactions. We will share your personal information when involved in company transactions, such as divestitures, mergers, integrations, transfers or asset sales or unlikely bankruptcies. In the case of any acquisition, we will notify the buyer that your personal information must only be used for the purposes disclosed in this privacy statement.
Your rights and choices
You have specific rights and choices regarding your personal information, as follows:
  • You have our account, you can (1) log in and update your account information (not applicable to all hotel partner companies) or (2) click here to contact us and change your communication preferences
  • You can follow our Cookie statement guidelines, bind us to certain Cookie use
  • Can log in to your account or contact us at any time to update your information and make it more accurate
  • You do not want to receive marketing or promotional emails anymore, you can click the " unsubscribe " link in the email to complete the unsubscription. You can also log in to your account or contact us here to change communication settings (not applicable to all hotel partner companies). Please note that if you choose to unsubscribe or unsubscribe from marketing emails, we will also send you important transaction and account-related messages, and you cannot unsubscribe from these messages
  • We process personal information with your permission, you can contact us at any time to revoke the permission. Revocation of your permission will not affect the legality of any information processing before the revocation, nor will it affect our processing of your personal information on legal grounds other than the permission
Certain countries and regions provide their residents with additional rights related to personal information. These additional rights vary by country and region, and may include the following rights:
  • Request a copy of your personal information
  • Request information about the purpose of the processing activity
  • Delete your personal information
  • Object to our use or disclosure of your personal information
  • Restrict processing of your personal information.
  • Not allowed to sell your personal information
  • Migrate your personal information
  • Ask for information about the logic involved in automatic decision-making and decision-making results used in fraud prevention practices
In addition to the above rights, you may also have the right to complain to a data protection agency about our collection and use of your personal information. However, we recommend that you contact us first so that we can do our best to resolve your concerns. You can use the information in the Contact Us section to submit a request to us. If individuals wish to exercise their personal data protection rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws, we will respond to all requests sent by them.
International data transfer
The personal information we process may be transferred or transferred to countries / regions other than your place of residence . These countries / regions may have data protection laws that are different from the laws of your place of residence.
Our platform’s hotel partner companies and third-party service providers operate in many countries / regions around the world . When collecting your personal information, we may be in any of these countries / processing area.
We have adopted and implemented appropriate security measures and regulations to help ensure that your personal information is protected in accordance with this privacy statement.
We also require third-party service providers that accept data transfers to implement appropriate security regulations and protect your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
We hope that you can use our platform and all related tools and services with confidence, and we are committed to taking appropriate measures to protect the information we collect. Although no company can guarantee absolute information security, we have taken reasonable steps to implement appropriate physical, technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information we collect and process.
Record keeping
Unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, we will retain your personal information in accordance with all applicable laws for the time required to achieve the purpose described in this privacy statement. If we intend to use your personal information for analysis purposes or for trend analysis over a longer period of time, we will de-identify, aggregate or anonymize it.
The criteria we use to determine retention periods include;
The duration of our relationship with you, including any current accounts that you may have in the company of a hotel partner , or your most recent bookings or other transactions completed on our platform
  • Do we have legal obligations related to your personal information, such as the law requires us to keep records of your transactions with us
  • Do we have any current and relevant legal obligations that affect the period for which we retain your personal information, including contractual obligations, litigation retention, statute of limitations, and regulatory investigations
Update of privacy statement
In response to changing laws or technological / business developments, we may update this privacy statement. You can find out when this statement was last updated by checking the " last updated " date displayed at the top of this privacy statement.

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